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Aug 23, 2013

Ohio Sen. Bill Seitz outlines proposed changes to Ohio's renewable energy and energy efficiency laws

Ohio Sen. Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati), who introduced S.B. 58 to modify S.B. 221, Ohio's energy efficiency and renewable laws, said yesterday that he plans to introduce legislation in the next two weeks that would replace the cost-benefit formula (wherein customer savings must outweigh the cost of utilities' electricity conservation programs) with a cap on "how much utilities can spend on energy efficiency programs" to meet benchmarks, according to the Gongwer Ohio Report (See our May 07, 2013, blog post for more information). It would also "scrap requirements for in-state solar and wind power." Seitz said the bill will propose expanding the upgrades that count toward energy efficiency compliance to include "some of the things that utilities are already doing," including upgrades to facilities to prevent electricity loss. He will propose creating a "streamlined process to allow large industrial customers to opt out of the energy efficiency standards" and adding "low-emissions, coal, innovative nuclear facilities and other emerging energy technologies" to the state's advanced energy portfolio standards.

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